{Inspiration} Taking Fewer Photos Means Having More Time

There is picture of the two us beneath the Christmas tree, circa 1975, I am guessing. I am holding my sister’s hand, and we are wearing handmade blue and white gingham dresses. We are smiling adorably into the camera and guess what? The picture is a tiny bit blurry, especially by today’s standards. It’s the sort of picture that you might delete nowadays in an effort to edit your photo life into perfection.

That picture has taught us that taking one imperfect shot is WAY better than taking ten of the same subject from various angles until the person is either crying (small child), frowning (bigger child) or threatening to take back that pretty ring on your left hand (wild guess). One and Done, we say. One and Done.

And what if you don’t take this advice; then what? Then you have ten photos which must be culled at some point and when, busy mom, is that going to happen? Between loads of laundry? And it won’t be just ten—by the end of the month, it will be hundreds and that takes real time. Which is why we began this blog: because we feel your photo pain. Here’s the life jacket: either give the camera to that guy you love and let HIM snap away with the caveat that HE edits them all OR learn to take fewer pictures. That’s the way we used to do it, remember? It’s today’s tiny reminder. 

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