{Inspiration} Photo reality check

The dumpster-diving photo we reminded you to take in the last blog  is really important. Here’s why. My tiny children are already growing up … a tiny bit everyday! When I look back over my photos of Lauren and Cat, I get a bit misty for the past. They are SO cute, aren’t they? Look at the photo on the left. A.Dor.A.Ble. And I vividly remember when that picture was taken. Ooooooooh, yes indeedy. The dog had just pinned the mailman to my neighbor’s front door, we were late to church, and the camera had literally two shots left in it. Thank goodness I can recall this because .. and here is my point .. pictures lie. Like a sleeping dog, old photos paint a personal history that is warm and soft and easy. Lee Ann and I don’t know about you, but our our motherhood has been more like Dante’s inferno with a trip to the ice cream parlor every now and again.

Argh!!! Hence the tiny reminder for this week:

Moms, think you might scream at your kids this week? Is your smart phone in your hand? LET IT OUT. Someday, you may have a pregnant daughter who asks you, as I did of my own mother, “Mom, what was it like with us kids when we were little?” You’ll just pull out that photo book you made with our tips, smile, and show ‘em!

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