{Inspiration} Almost Everything Makes for A Good Picture

Our childhood photo albums are this: battered black sheets in a state of acid-decay with faded photos and red leather-looking (okay, plastic) covers that cleverly say “album”. Doesn’t get much more inspirational than that! Sure, with their torn corners and often misplaced sticky tabs with engaging descriptors like, “Sara Jane, 1967” and “Lee Ann on her bike” these are albums that by today’s standards are worth the closet they are stored in. And it’s a very deep, dark closet!! Right Mom?

But, here’s the thing: the photo albums are there. And we LOVE them. We pick them up and open them if we are careful not to let the photos drop. So, how can you get from the camera to the album in a simple, perhaps one-handed way (depending on the level of multi-tasking you are doing)? There are some important steps and the first one is…..wait for it…..take a picture.

Take a picture of something worth remembering. Right now. Look around. What’s worth a memory? Almost everything as it turns out. And that’s the really great news because that means, Mom, that you can take whatever you want to take, however you want to take it, and all will be well in the world. Of course, we will help you remember what to take with our tiny reminders: so, pick up that camera and shoot what is before you. Whatever it is, it will mark the first day you committed to getting it done.

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