{Organization} Where to Store Your Camera

“A place for everything and everything in its place." That’s how we sisters were raised.

If we had a penny for every hour we spend organizing our world, we’d be able to buy out Harpo Productions. But we’d be even RICHER if we had a dime for every hour we spent looking for all those ‘organized’ items. How do our children do it? They can make the remote disappear faster than a mint julep on Derby day, the little darlings. Argggh! There is no way to avoid this part of mommyhood but you can exert a tiny bit of control over your camera storage so let’s discuss.

Where is your smart phone? Your SLR? Your video camera? If they are not all in ONE location you are asking for photo-ready trouble. Once you are Queen of the Universe, you can ignore our advice because, hey, you’ll be able to stop time with a snap of your queenly fingers, but until then, consider yourself a happy captive of all things relative and find ONE place to store those cameras!! Here at Tiny Reminders we propound the kitchen as it is the heart of family activity AND in many homes, it leads to the backyard, the back-drop of many picture perfect photos. Store the cameras in a basket near an outlet so you can keep them charged. Keep the charging cables with the cameras. Put the basket in a cupboard or a nook, if you need it out of reach but keep it in sight so you don’t forget about it.

I keep my cameras in a basket that fits in a nook in the office space of my kitchen. I used to keep the camera stuff in our home office but after I logged a marathon going back and forth between that room and the kitchen, I got wise. Keep it together, Mom, and you will, like an Eagle Scout, be prepared!

And our tiny reminder: photograph your home the way it looks right now. Chances, are that it won’t be the last one you live in.  DON’T CLEAN IT FIRST!  One and done, Mom, one and done!

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