{Inspiration} Letting Go Of Photo Book Guilt

Friends, let’s discuss. This really is one of the horrors of modern-day motherhood. We’ve felt guilty and we’ve been guilty and for what? Let’s look at some valid guilt scenarios, just for kicks.

Scenario 1: I once let my 4 month-old baby girl ‘cry it out’ in an attempt to ‘Ferberize’ her. She cried through her nap, about 2 hours. When I finally ‘caved in’ and got her, she was a sweaty, over-heated mess who looked like she’d been tossed in a dumpster. Yep, she’s 11 now. Probably explains why she is such an awful sleeper to this day. I never read another parenting book again.

Sceanario 2: In a desperate attempt to catch the last episode of Mad Men, I hid the remote til my husband went upstairs to bed. Then I recorded it and watched it the next day.

Scenario 3: Sometimes I do my kid’s homework, and I fake the handwriting so it looks like they’ve done it:)

Now, consider the guilt you feel because (gulp) your photo books are not complete or worse, you missed an important photo moment! Mon Dieu!

Seriously, Moms. Isn’t your guilt better directed? Let it go. We are here for you. You are making memories all the time and the important ones are where they should be, safe and sound. Your brain. Take a moment to read out photo tips for better pictures if you are needing a sense of control. And don’t forget today’s tiny reminder: photos of your baby screaming her head off are a lot quieter than real life. Click!

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