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Creating Holiday Cards Can be Fun AND Easy!


A holiday card is fun and easy to make IF realize this tiny fact, Mom: it’s a CARD. We are not choosing a doctor, writing a resume, or creating the family budget for the year. We are finding/taking a photo, writing a message, addressing labels, and sending off some warm wishes before December 22nd so you can get onto more important holiday to-do's, like the 14K gold mani/pedi you've been putting off.

  • Choose an easy subject. Some subjects are easier to manage than others: Taking shots of kids is fairly easy if you are prepared. Dogs are difficult. Cats are worse–unless they are asleep. Trying to capture a family shot at this point is no picnic, unless you really know your camera and have a tripod. This year, I am preparing my idea, preparing the kids, and taking three shots. If their eyes are open in all of them, I’m one and done!
  • Use just one photo. This is just a personal preference. See the card with many photos below.? HOURS to make. HOURS. Is it better than the others?
  • Skip the writing. Really, it’s okay to do this. Format a generic message, with the family name. I am a HUGE proponent of the hand-written card, but not during the Holidays.
  • Choose the card layout/color FIRST, then dress your subjects to match!

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