Creating Holiday Cards Can be Fun AND Easy!


A holiday card is fun and easy to make IF realize this tiny fact, Mom: it’s a CARD. We are not choosing a doctor, writing a resume, or creating the family budget for the year. We are finding/taking a photo, writing a message, addressing labels, and sending off some warm wishes before December 22nd so you can get onto more important holiday to-do's, like the 14K gold mani/pedi you've been putting off.

  • Choose an easy subject. Some subjects are easier to manage than others: Taking shots of kids is fairly easy if you are prepared. Dogs are difficult. Cats are worse–unless they are asleep. Trying to capture a family shot at this point is no picnic, unless you really know your camera and have a tripod. This year, I am preparing my idea, preparing the kids, and taking three shots. If their eyes are open in all of them, I’m one and done!
  • Use just one photo. This is just a personal preference. See the card with many photos below.? HOURS to make. HOURS. Is it better than the others?
  • Skip the writing. Really, it’s okay to do this. Format a generic message, with the family name. I am a HUGE proponent of the hand-written card, but not during the Holidays.
  • Choose the card layout/color FIRST, then dress your subjects to match!


Decide the message: Are you showcasing your beautiful kids or did you come up with a funny tag line? If the former, get in for a tight close-up so we can see those little angels. If the latter, then make sure the font is large enough for those of us over 40 (I mean 30) to see!

  • Find a card company that you like and stick with it. Visit our fabulous friend's site, Sweet Peas & Stilettos to see a few of our favorite card sites. Each year they gain sophistication in their designs. Wherever you upload your photos, there is your holiday photo card making site!
  • Do not engage in holiday card competition: I can’t be the only one who opens up a holiday card and says, “Drat! Why didn’t I think of that? Hers looks so much better than mine!!” The truth is hers is great and so is yours! “You are both Queens!” Tonight. Say it twenty times.
  • Consider using a photo from earlier in the year. Who doesn’t love being reminded of summer in the middle of winter? Or maybe you found a little extra cash a few months back and spent it on a professional family photo session. Right on! Get your money’s worth! This is the easiest card to make, BTW. And if the kids have changed a bit … well, that’s to be expected, eh?
  • Create flat photo cards. There are several benefits here, the largest being affordability. Shutterfly and others now have several options from which to choose. If you don’t like the glossy photo finish, you can choose a flat stationary card.


Be kind to your heart this holiday by embracing our tiny tips. Just a card, Mom. Just a card!

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