Paperless App to Store Tiny Moments

Until we find the perfect app – or better yet, build it ourselves – we are eagerly scouring the web in search of simple solutions for storing and sharing stories about our kids. Our most recent discovery is a favorite and is in list form. Who needs yoga when they have a list?

It’s an iPhone app called ‘Paperless’. There’s a limited FREE version but if you’ve recently held a bake sale, you might splurge on the upgrade for $2.99. The app lets you make a list for just about everything and apply cute icons to your custom named list. Cool. Look at the example lists below: one for Ethan and one for Natalie.

How It Works: After you create your list, create a sub list, first by year and then by month. Each month, store those sweet nothings that kids say as they say them … or if you can recall them later. If a cute photo will help you illustrate that memory, shoot it and store on your camera roll.

Congrats: you’ve just organized AND stored a memory. There’s timer for a cup of tea in your future for sure.

Be fancy: email the sweet nothing to Grandma or back to yourself. Transcribe it into their diaries or cut and paste into a photo book. Hot shot.

Here’s what I recorded for Ethan: 2013 – April
● Playing checkers with dad at Aunt Julie’s cabin and picking up on strategies quickly.
● Curious about how buildings are made
● Leggos and transformers
● No front teeth!
● Mine Craft all-the-time
● Two square!!
● Talking and asking lots of questions. Loves when he can stump us!
● “Mom, who is the 22nd President?” Ummmm.
● Teaching your sister how to play two square on a Sunday morning

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