Do you see a family resemblance? Nope. We don’t either. But we are related and have the mother to prove it! Who are we? ‘We” are Sara and Lee Ann and we are sisters who share three brothers and two other sisters. Yep, that’s the way they did it in the old days and no one even made a reality show about it. Both of us have two children, Sara’s being a bit older than Lee Ann’s, because she is, well, OLDER … but better looking …at least her husband thinks so. Bless him. By the way, the photo here? Professionally taken, just in case you were wondering. We advocate professional photos because while they do your hair and make-up, you sit. You can even sit for the photo! Wow! But it’s not real life, is it? And we are all about real life here at tiny reminders. So, your photo life got you down? Feeling tired? Upset? Guilty about that uncompleted scrapbook? Guilt no more! Like that knight in shining armor we have come to rescue you, fair maiden, from the tower of photo gloom! With our tiny reminders, we will tell you what to shoot and when to shoot it. We’ll help you store your photos easy-peasy so that you can make photo books hassle-free. And we’ll make it fun because that’s the way we are. Been that way since birth. Just let down your hair; we’re coming up!


Lee Ann: Chief Techno Gal and Task Master

Sara: Closet Writer

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