Creating Holiday Cards Can be Fun AND Easy!


A holiday card is fun and easy to make IF realize this tiny fact, Mom: it’s a CARD. We are not choosing a doctor, writing a resume, or creating the family budget for the year. We are finding/taking a photo, writing a message, addressing labels, and sending off some warm wishes before December 22nd so you can get onto more important holiday to-do's, like the 14K gold mani/pedi you've been putting off.

  • Choose an easy subject. Some subjects are easier to manage than others: Taking shots of kids is fairly easy if you are prepared. Dogs are difficult. Cats are worse–unless they are asleep. Trying to capture a family shot at this point is no picnic, unless you really know your camera and have a tripod. This year, I am preparing my idea, preparing the kids, and taking three shots. If their eyes are open in all of them, I’m one and done!
  • Use just one photo. This is just a personal preference. See the card with many photos below.? HOURS to make. HOURS. Is it better than the others?
  • Skip the writing. Really, it’s okay to do this. Format a generic message, with the family name. I am a HUGE proponent of the hand-written card, but not during the Holidays.
  • Choose the card layout/color FIRST, then dress your subjects to match!

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{Inspiration} Photo reality check

The dumpster-diving photo we reminded you to take in the last blog  is really important. Here’s why. My tiny children are already growing up … a tiny bit everyday! When I look back over my photos of Lauren and Cat, I get a bit misty for the past. They are SO cute, aren’t they? Look at the photo on the left. A.Dor.A.Ble. And I vividly remember when that picture was taken. Ooooooooh, yes indeedy. The dog had just pinned the mailman to my neighbor’s front door, we were late to church, and the camera had literally two shots left in it. Thank goodness I can recall this because .. and here is my point .. pictures lie. Like a sleeping dog, old photos paint a personal history that is warm and soft and easy. Lee Ann and I don’t know about you, but our our motherhood has been more like Dante’s inferno with a trip to the ice cream parlor every now and again. [Read more…]


{Inspiration} Letting Go Of Photo Book Guilt

Friends, let’s discuss. This really is one of the horrors of modern-day motherhood. We’ve felt guilty and we’ve been guilty and for what? Let’s look at some valid guilt scenarios, just for kicks.

Scenario 1: I once let my 4 month-old baby girl ‘cry it out’ in an attempt to ‘Ferberize’ her. She cried through her nap, about 2 hours. When I finally ‘caved in’ and got her, she was a sweaty, over-heated mess who looked like she’d been tossed in a dumpster. Yep, she’s 11 now. Probably explains why she is such an awful sleeper to this day. I never read another parenting book again. [Read more…]


{Inspiration} Taking Fewer Photos Means Having More Time

There is picture of the two us beneath the Christmas tree, circa 1975, I am guessing. I am holding my sister’s hand, and we are wearing handmade blue and white gingham dresses. We are smiling adorably into the camera and guess what? The picture is a tiny bit blurry, especially by today’s standards. It’s the sort of picture that you might delete nowadays in an effort to edit your photo life into perfection. [Read more…]

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