Inspired Displays

Display Your Photos

Your photo book arrives and seriously, you probably haven’t felt this proud since that baby left your body! After you’ve cradled it a bit and flipped through the pages a hundred times, shown it to your family, your friends, your favorite checker at the grocery store, you have a dilemma. Where does it go? Into a cupboard to languish next to Monopoly and your well-intentioned but unread copy of Moby Dick? (Mon dieu)! It deserves its place in the sun!

Check out our tiny tips:

  1. Put your photo book on display using a stylish cook book stand. Some swirly and fancy, some architectural and streamlined and all for a reasonable price. Just make sure that you choose something with a pyramid shaped support as your photo book will be heavy not only with memories (!) but in real weight, of course.

  2. Tiny photo books with soft covers in an oriental-style photo stand next to your bed scream “interior designer lives here.”

  3. Themed photo books may dictate a final destination:

    • For babyhood, tiny photo books for each month can sit side-by-side between adorable book ends on any shelf in the nursery.
    • A photo book immortalizing a trip to a foreign country (yeah, don’t you hate people who get to travel??)  is even more memorable in a kitchen because the food is always a stand-out memory. At least, this is what people TELL us!!
    • Sure family photo albums go in the family room, but they also welcome visitors standing on a book stand perched on the front hall table. Give your guests something to do while you attend to those 15 last minute details you’ve been meaning to get to ALL DAY LONG.
    • We love our dog and her special photo book sits right on top of her crate. She loves showing it off.
    • The guest bathroom? Yes, but wipe that first image from your mind right now (our mother reads this web site, you know) and consider putting images of the kids at bath time in a tiny photo book on one of those 5” stands. Our friends love this or so they say!
  4. Stack books from large to small on the coffee table and layer the colors accordingly: black-white-black works well in almost any family room.
  1. Remember book covers? Take this concept to a new level and buy adorable wrapping paper . Coordinate with the room in which you plan to display the photo books and be sure to point out your Martha Stewart creativity to all your friends should they be too rude not to notice on their own.

  2. Plan ahead: If don’t want to paper the outside of your photo book, then choose a cover that fits a scheme to work in the room in which you will display it. A black photo book cover with white lettering is striking when you invert the same colors for the next book. This is really effective when you are making just one big book each year.
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