Organize First

Very Basic photo organization tips:

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STEP 1. Organize your desktop folder. Open the 'Pictures' folder that comes with your computer software. Not there? Create one. You gave birth. You can do this. Now click to open that folder. Within the pictures folder, create a new folder titled: 2011 (or whatever year you wish)

Click to open your new folder '2011' and create 12 new folders inside that folder. Title each folder as follows so that it stays in order: year-month number-month spelled out (example: 2011-01-January). That way it stays in order and you always know which month/year you're viewing.

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STEP 2. Keep only your best pictures. Here's how you do it. You are great at deleting those photos of yourself that aren't flattering, right? Now just pretend everyone in the shot is YOU and if they don't look great, then delete!!

STEP 3. Back up photos every month or quarter. You can use an external hard drive, a storage device like a DVD or sign up with some cloud-based techno server like Mozy.

STEP 4. Download photos off your camera and smart phone every month. This is helped tremendously by a glass of champagne and/or a box of celebratory chocolate.

Other things we've learned:

I installed the DropBox App on my iPhone and it automatically saves all photos. Once a month I download from the DropBox web version and save to my desktop. Then I delete the photos from DropBox to save space. It’s FREE!

Store your smart phone, SLR and video camera all in one convenient spot in the kitchen. Keep them together with all the cables. Keep it in reach and in site AT ALL TIMES. Read more on our blog about camera storage solutions.

We've also learned that if you have a cute camera bag you'll be more likely to tote it around with you. These are a few of our favorite camera bags.

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