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My-Oh-My-We-Spy-Eye-Fi…The Super Wireless Camera Memory Card

This product should come with a magic wand just to complete the illusion!! With Eye-Fi, the miracle memory card, you can send your photos wirelessly to your computer and sharing sites. Just think what you can do with the uploading time you save! Of course, my first thought was sleep. Anyone else:)? One And Done–Oh yes! When you are done taking photos or video, place your camera within range of your wireless network, turn it on, and Eye-Fi will wirelessly upload the photos to your location of choice be it your computer, your sharing sites (like Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Shutterfly), your local film developing store, or photo book site!! See the list of possibilities . Never crawl on your belly to hook up that camera cable again!


What is it?
It’s a memory card with wireless capacity that you use instead of the memory card that is now in your digital point and shoot or SLR. Here is a matrix of the different Eye-Fi cards offered.

Easy to get
Buy the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4 GB from Amazon.com.

How do I use it?
You set up the card once with your preferred settings, snap it into your digital camera, and start snapping! Yep. That pretty much covers it but here’s a more detailed break-down:

  • Insert the memory card into the supplied card reader and plug it into a USB port on your computer.
  • Install the software. You only do this once and then you will have an icon on your desktop that you will double-click to open and manage your settings.
  • Open the software and configure where you what your files downloaded (they call it “land”). this can be customized any way that works best for you. I like to store them as we shared with you on our get organized first page: Pictures/2011/2011-11-November.
  • Set up the “Endless Memory” feature to your preference so that the card clears space for new photos.
  • Select the share sites you want your photos to fly to.

There is a “Selective Share” option which allows you to download ALL the photos you take and then selectively share the ones you want. You’ll find that in the settings area of Eye-Fi. You’ll need your memory card inserted in your card reader to make that adjustment. We like to keep things simple here at TR so haven’t played around with that option yet. They refer to the “PROTECT” setting on my camera and I don’t even know what that is and frankly am done learning anything new today.

Tiny Reminders Tips

  • Use two card readers: one to keep at home and one to keep in your purse. This way you can add up to 32 wireless networks and change your “Endless Memory” or “Selective Transfer”settings when you are out and about by plugging into any available computer you might want to add! Currently, Eye-Fi does NOT sell these separately! We’ve already told them what we think about this:)
  • Buy the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4 GBEnough capacity and affordable.
  • Adjust the power settings on your camera. Most cameras are set to auto shut-off mode after a few minutes of non-use. The photos won’t wirelessly download if the power is off!! While you need to insert the memory card into the card reader to make Endless Memory and Selective Share setting changes and to add wireless networks, YOU DO NOT need it inserted in order to change the location of where you want your files stored.

Stick with Tiny Reminders. We will remind you on the first of each month to update your “download location setting” so that your pictures automatically go to the folder of your choice.

The App
Oh yes, there’s an app and it’s way cool and FREE. Check out the Eye-Fi website at

"More than a novelty. It's a huge leap forward in the art and the utility of digital photography." – David Pogue, New York Times

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