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HOW TO: Choose a Photo Book Website and Still Have Time for Tea

So, you have scanned our photo tips and you’ve embraced our tiny reminders. You’ve joined our email list so you don’t have to keep comin’ to our website. So smart, Mom. What’s next? Finding the easiest to use photo book website. How can you do this? Look for features, of course. Ease of use. Flexibility. Storage capacity. Customer service. Longevity. PRICE! Look at that you ARE ONE AND DONE already because…we have done all this for you (you are so very welcome!) Our big conclusion: no one beats Shutterfly at the moment. No one. Promise. Check it out at for more info, but for now, take a quick scan at the benes we found with this site. And then go drink that cup of tea! What Busy Moms Love about Shutterfly: 

1.   Shutterfly is FREE and doesn’t require you to make purchases from their site. Your account is never deleted. Ever.

2.   New Shutterfly customers get 50 free 4×6 prints to get started. Love free stuff.

3.   Photo sharing galleries with your unique URL offer password protection. Cool. Shutterfly's share site FAQ.

4.  Unlimited “cloud” storage with no file size limits means you can access your photos online from ANY computer. This is HUGE. Their new “Custom Path” feature means more photo book creativity for you at no additional cost.

5.   Archive DVDs of your full resolution photos are available for purchase to back up images or just have on hand at home.

6.   Photos can be shared instantly—friends can see them without signing up. (I don’t quite understand this—seems close to the next bullet so can it be combined?) · You can share your photos, photo books or videos on Facebook, Twitter or Blogger.

7.   Any Facebook photos-yours, your friends’ or any photo where you are tagged-can easily become a photo book.

8.   Tons of personalized gifts transform your photos into more than just a pretty picture.

9.   Their app uploads your iPhone photos into your Shutterfly albums directly from your smart phone. Very smart, indeed.

10.  And let’s not forget about videos:

  • Busy moms can upload up to 10 videos in almost any format or even better, bribe someone else in the family to do it!
  • Post your videos directly to your Shutterfly personalized Share site.
  • Email your videos to family and friends.
  • Share your videos on Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • Upgrade to the Premium Video Plan for unlimited video storage, video downloads and HD-quality playback.
  • Find out more about Shutterfly's video solution.

Applause, Applause! Whether you choose their “simple path” system that arranges photos into a book in chronological order or their new “custom path” which offers more creativity but still requires only a tiny bit of effort, Shutterfly is the way to go. This could change. We live in a capitalistic society—companies come and go—but for now, Tiny Reminders says go to and get started busy Mom!

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